Church Rental Fees for Members / Non-Members

It is understood that the church building is available without charge by all groups, committees and organizations of Fort Garry Mennonite Fellowship. All meetings should be cleared with the Facilities Committee booking representative. For other groups the following fee structure shall apply.

Rental Rates for Members

Use for an occasion which is not a congregational function, but one in which one or more members are included (e.g. “social” Christmas party, family gathering, wedding).

Location Price
Sanctuary and Basement $150
Sanctuary $75
Basement (including kitchen) $75

Members renting will be responsible for all set up, unlocking & locking, general supervision of the use of the premises, and cleaning (washing, vacuuming, putting away tables, cleaning bathrooms, etc.) as per our church standards. Member has the option to pay the rates listed in Section B if they need a sound technician or are not interested in washing of dishes and cleaning. There is no charge for members for funerals.

Rental Rates for Non-Members

Location Price
Sanctuary and Basement $600
Sanctuary $300
Basement (including kitchen) $300


Paid to Person(s) Providing Service:

Location Price
Dishwasher operator (per meal) $100
Sound technician (4 hour maximum) $100
Custodian (unlock & lock building) $100
Cleaning $300


Total Price
Total cost for building (non-refundable) $1200


  • Catered meal – the caterer or group is responsible for scraping the dishes, stacking, etc. as well as cleaning the kitchen (including stove top and oven). The paid dishwasher operator will wash and put away the dishes.
  • Custodian is responsible for opening the church, showing where tables are located for set up and securing building when the event is over. For a wedding this typically includes a rehearsal and the wedding service. Renters are responsible for setting up tables & chairs as required and for clean up.
  • Cleaning – Fellowship member(s) put away tables & chairs, vacuum, wash floors, clean kitchen, bathrooms, etc. These individuals will ensure that at the end of the event the building is back to the same conditions as usual.

There will be one rental contract for each event covering the space to be rented plus services to be provided by the Fellowship. For events involving a meal, the $300 cleaning fee will be included as part of the event contract.

Waiving of Rental Fees

Rental fees may be waived in support of selected charity ventures.

  • Provided a member within our Fellowship facilitates the group involved, rental fees are waived for church agencies we support financially (e.g. Faith & Life choir, MCC Theatre of the Beat, Canadian Foodgrains banquet, etc.)
  • Charity fund-raising that involves one or more persons from our Fellowship. Our members involved need to facilitate access and use as well as ensuring the facilities are left as they found them.
  • In the case of any use requiring the presence of Fellowship personnel to facilitate (admission & lock-up, sound system, dishwasher, cleaning) the group needs to pay the fees listed for such support in Section B above.

General Guidelines

  1. No alcohol or smoking in the church.
  2. No confetti on the church premises, either inside or outside.
  3. Members have priority over non-members for rental of the church building. Requests by non- members will be confirmed and guaranteed three months or less in advance of the date of use.
  4. A deposit of $50 for the whole church and $25 for the sanctuary or $25 for the basement to be paid to the FGMF supervisor when the premises are rented to non-members. This fee is included in the rental fee.
  5. Priority schedule for church activities.