Fort Garry Mennonite Fellowship Rental Policy

Purpose Statement

FGMF believes that sharing our building that has been stewarded to us, is an extension of our ministry to the community.

  • Fort Garry Mennonite Fellowship aligns itself with the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective, 1995 and Shared Convictions of Global Anabaptists, Mennonite World Conference, 2006.

In part, this we believe…

    • Our faith convictions about our lives together in the church are drawn from the Bible, historical confessions of faith, theologians, and people of faith throughout the ages, and from the witness of our Anabaptist Mennonite forebears.

    • Our Fellowship is part of the worldwide Christian community of faith and life, transcending boundaries of nationality, race, gender, class, and language.

    • For our complete Covenant, identifying FGMF’s core and distinctive commitments as a faith community, please visit our Covenant page

  • FGMF’s charitable purposes are to support our Provincial, National and World-wide Mennonite Conferences, support various Mennonite organizations and schools, conduct religious programs for adults and children, support various inner-city initiatives and services, support religious publishing and Mennonite materials, and provide support for new Canadians.

Who do we rent to?

To individuals and groups who align themselves with our values and beliefs, not for profit and charitable organizations, and to individuals and groups whose purpose is to cultivate and strengthen the cultural arts in our community.

When can the space be rented?

  • FGMF reserves the right to prioritize its programs, services, events, and committee work over rental to third parties. It is understood that the church building is available without charge by all groups and committees of Fort Garry Mennonite Fellowship. All events should be cleared through the Facility Committee designate.

  • No unsafe or illegal activity is allowed and, if engaged, in contrary to policy, is cause for immediate revocation of the Rental Agreement.

Spaces for rent

Sanctuary, lower-level main room, kitchen, classrooms, and outside property are available for rent.

What does it cover?

  • Spaces and services as per Rental Agreement.

  • No activity carried out can be in violation of the elements that make up our nature.

  • Specific rules

    • No Cannabis, smoking or Vaping in the church or on church property.

    • No confetti or “confetti-like” material (natural or artificial) on the church premises (inside or out).

    • FGMF is a Scent Free facility. Fragrance, incense, scented candles, etc. are not permitted.

    • Alcohol consumption is subject to application approval and limited to functions serving food. A No-sale Liquor Social Occasion Permit is required and is the responsibility of the renter. LGCA (Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority of Manitoba) regulations apply.

Waiving Rental Fees

Rental fees will be waived for the following:

  • Funerals for FGMF members. Attending members are responsible for opening and closing the building as well as clean-up. Renters will ensure the building is back to original conditions at the end of the event. Support personnel fees may apply (Sound Technician, Dishwasher Operator, Custodian).

  • Events for Church supported organizations & agencies where charitable work is performed (e.g. quilters making blankets/quilts for MCC, Faith & Life Choirs). Support Personnel fees may apply.

  • Charity fund-raising that involves one or more persons from our Fellowship. Attending members are responsible for opening and closing the building as well as clean-up. Applicable fees apply if renters require Support personnel (Sound Technician, Dishwasher Operator, Custodian).

  • Fees may also be waived for financial hardship or compassionate reasons. The Facility Committee together with the supporting Committee will consider these requests on a case-by-case basis.

Point of contact: Facility Committee Member (or Executive Committee designate). Contact here.


FGMF Rental Fees:

Space Rate
Sanctuary $35/hour <4hrs
(Leaving chairs as is) $175/day (5-8 hrs)
Assistance with rearranging chairs $50/event
Sound Technician $25/hour
(Minimum 2 hours)
Lower-Level Main Room $35/hour <4 hrs
$175/day (5-8 hrs)
Assistance with set up & put away tables & chairs $50/event
Kitchen $50/event
(Includes use of appliances dishes utensils & dishwasher)
Dishwasher Operator $25/hour
(Minimum 2 hours)
Custodian $25/hour
Cleaning included in Custodian fees
Classroom $12.50/hr up to $50/day
Coffee Room $12.50/hour up to $50/day
Other $10.00/hour
Grand Piano (booked practice time)

January 2022


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